Friday, May 23, 2008

Bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs...

Yesterday was so much fun!! Chloe was in a school production called Goin' Buggy. It's a really cute musical about bugs' rights. So her teacher asked me if I would do the makeup, OF COURSE I WOULD!! After my stupid job lay off I've been a little bitter towards the whole makeup industry and don't get me wrong I still am but doing makeup again was so much fun. I planned for a couple of weeks designed and tested looks on my kids. I think Chloe had glitter in her eyebrows that she couldn't get out no matter how many showers she took. But it all came together yesterday with some fantastic help from KnitVicious and my friend Allison. My fireflies glowed in the dark, my ladybugs were sassy, rocker bugs were rockin', honeybees were sweet and butterflies were pretty. I think it was a success and we did it all in a little over an hour. And we touched up in 1/2 hour. When we got home last night I was so tired but then I picked up the program and whose name was in it... MINE!! Yippee!!

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Antevasin said...

Awwww....sweetie, I didn't know you lost your job. That sucks! Hope everything works out for you.
Your 'bugs' look adorable!!!!