Saturday, September 22, 2007

WIP it up

Who says there's not enough stash for a sweater, not me!! I've been hording fabulous amounts of Lamb's Pride Bulky in all sorts of colors and decided my daughter needed a sweater so here goes. I'm knitting a version of the Drive-Thru Sweater by Knit and Tonic. But no ribbing and the stripes are all the way through. And with bulky yarn instead of worsted. I've knit this sweater once already for my younger daughter but followed the pattern (except I once again used bulky instead of worsted) and it came out cute but I learned some things about myself. 1. I knit real tight when there are double points involved and 2. I knit real loose when there are circulars involved. Hmmm makes for an interesting combo.
Well my knitting will have to wait until later it is soccer Saturday and so I must go and lose my voice being the loudest Mom on the team. Go Mermaids, Go Yellow Jackets!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

And so it begins...

Hello all, well here begins my dive into the crazy world of blogging. I hope to entertain occasionally with tales from my children, knitting projects gone wrong and tales from the make up industry. Enjoy fellow bloggers, enjoy...