Monday, July 21, 2008

Monsters, Pigs and Bunnies Oh My!

Clo has a birthday party coming up and since we decided it would be just a few friends over for a sleepover I figured I could hand make a couple of their party favors rather than buy some crap at the Dollar Store. We decided that since we will be watching College Road Trip I would crochet some pigs. If you have seen previews for the film you will understand the connection. Luckily I had plenty of Red Heart Super Saver acrylic so I didn't even have to buy yarn.
Of course on our journey to find patterns for things to crochet Clo stumbled upon this item and really wanted one. Well I have plenty of Fun Fur from years gone by so I thought why not. Well let me tell you why not.. Fun Fur and crochet don't mix. But I made it about half the size it was supposed to be and made the back with another label less yarn that I've had forever. The result is Clo's new monster named Violet.
I also remembered that my little sister's birthday is coming up so I thought she should have something too. And yes she is literally my little sister, she is only turning 10. I found this unbelievably adorable bunny in a dress and knew it was for her. It's going to be hard to keep her out of my garden until M's party.
So to say the least I have embraced crochet as a summer fling. I'm sure I'll be knitting again soon, Lils really wants a cadet cap so if there are any suggestions for a pattern I would love it.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I LOVE Pirates!!!

So when I realized that Bean was having a pirate birthday I knew I had to make this little pirate for her. Of course the pattern was a boy pattern but that was an easy fix.

I think I may have to make several more now though. Clo and Lils each want one and I think Bean's mom may have been a little more excited about her than Bean.