Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Last Minute Knits

Okay so as previously noted I wasn't too excited about the Hannah costumes but I knit the scarves and they've been done for awhile. But Friday night as we were watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets I made a comment about how cute of a Hermione Lilly would have been. This started the ball rolling. They both decided that for school they wanted to be Harry and Hermione. So I was off to knit some Gryffindor ties. Luckily I already had the yarn but couldn't find a pattern. I eventually found one that I kind of liked but in true form for me I redid the pattern and out came these. They are incredibly sloppy and I'm not that excited about them but they LOVE them and couldn't be more excited. So tomorrow should be an interesting day of wizards and pop stars.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Halloween Redeemed

Woo-hoo!!! Halloween has been taken back!! Last night we went to a neighborhood Halloween party and we were supposed to dress up. Well gosh darn we just weren't ready for Hannah yet so my girls let me throw some stuff together and we came up with this sorta Gothic Zombie look. And yes I was so happy because I got to do some make-up after all. It was a bit last minute so it's not as creepy as I'd like but it still gave me more satisfaction then the 31st will. I wish I had a picture of my husband because he went all out (said sarcastically) and dressed as Ty Pennington. Oh well maybe there will come a day when I can zombie him as well.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Schooling Your Kids

My husband got it in his brain that we needed to put all of our vinyl onto cd. Let me tell you this is no easy task. For one our record player is no longer hooked up, two our cats really are interested in things that spin and three we have quite a bit of vinyl. Well he was determined; got some software, hooked up the turntable and started in.
Our kids were so fascinated by the turntable, they just couldn't understand why there wasn't a cd any where to be seen. I felt amazingly like my parents trying to explain to our kids about the technology of my youth. But they had a blast and danced there little hearts out, to specifically, the B-52's. Although this evening made me start to feel really old, it was a lot of fun. My husband even danced a little. For those of you who know him this is not an easy thing to get him to do. But I guess with the right music people will do just about anything.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

This is Halloween

So who would have ever thought that this sweet little 14 year old could do something as horrible as wreck my Halloween. Well she has. BOTH of my daughters have decided to be her for Halloween. I ask you where is the fun in that? They got their wigs and that's about all you need. A cute outfit, but they have those. Where is the make up fun for me? There isn't any. I just get to see them with lip gloss and mascara, blahhhhh. Oh well at least I'm knitting, and yes they are Hannah scarves. Bought some cheapy stuff with sparkles and am knitting away, long and skinny.