Sunday, December 23, 2007

Gift Knitting Complete

I'm always up for knitting some gifts for people in my family but this year I was trying to cut back slightly due to time. Well of course when asking my mother for gift ideas she says she want a long scarf in peaches and greens. Peaches and greens? Well okay. So off to Ravelry I went. I didn't find a pattern I wanted but I did spot a yarn; Patons SoyWool. Thanks to KnitVicious I found a pattern for her scarf which I proceeded to knit incorrectly because I didn't write it down but it worked and I like it. It is done but I was so excited to get it wrapped and under the tree that I'll have to post of picture of my mother with it on.
Then I realized that we didn't have enough for my mother-in-law and since we are on a budget I decided that I would go into my stash and find some yarn and then find a pattern. So where did I go? Ravelry of course and found this cute pattern from the winter 07 issue called Tudora. Perfect!
I couldn't forget about my dad, his wife and my little sister so Fetching and Dashing it was. I bought yarn for his wife, Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, but had yarn for him and my sister, Cascade 220 Superwash.
This was unfortunately not the end to my Fetching though, my husband decided it would be nice to give his sister a pair. Luckily I had more yarn, Cascade Pastaza. After that I don't think I want to see another pair of fingerless gloves, ever!
This probably doesn't seem like much to some of you but I really hadn't anticipated so much knitting to go along with my baking, cleaning(we're hosting Christmas dinner for 17) and working. maybe next year I'll just assume there to be a lot of handmade gifts and start early. What a novel idea.